About Freshplus

Who we are

FreshPlus is a community based provider of quality fresh food, continental, local grocery products and services which are unique in a modern and friendly atmosphere that guarantees value for customers.


Our Goal

FreshPlus aims to become a model supermarket chain providing a wide range of quality goods and services. We will also strive to be the standard where other community based providers will measure their own.


FreshPlus offers the local community a convenient shopping experience that aims to fulfill their special expectations and requirements under one roof. A major focus for our markets has been to tailor store product ranges and concepts to meet the needs of the local community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell Halal products?

Yes, FreshPlus serves a wide variety of Halal Meat and Deli products through all of our stores.

Is the chicken hand cut?

Yes! As of recently, FreshPlus has begun providing hand-cut chicken store wide.

Can I order meat for Eid al-Adha?

Yes, customers can request to order meat for Eid al-Adha. This meat is also hand-cut.

How does the rewards system work?

For every dollar you spend, you earn 1 point. These points can be redeemed & claimed at our stores.

To reap the benefits of the Freshplus Rewards Program, request for a rewards card during checkout, then sign up using the registration form provided by the cashiers